Unveil Podcast Episode 35: Shame: Where It Comes From, What it Affects, and How to Move Through It

Today’s episode is a complex exploration of one of the most important topics, and experiences, that we as humans live through: Shame. All-pervasive and complex in its manifestations and results, shame can be obvious or subtle in the ways it shows up, maneuvers and even manipulates our lives.

Join Victoria Fenton and Brace Harris as they explore this topic in great depth, including a discussion of:

  • Why shame exists – and the difference between toxic shame and healthy shame
  • What makes shame toxic
  • The inextricable link between shame and trauma, and how it is often shame that interrupts the completion of the cycle of response to trauma, meaning that a trauma imprint is laid down
  • The many reaches of shame – and how it is linked to agency and the feeling of being in control
  • Real life examples of how one experience, with different context, can mean the difference between something creating shame, or not
  • The way to navigate through the landscape of personal shame: we give you the literal “how-to” of the dance of allowing shame to evaporate
  • The process of metabolizing shame
  • How Human Design can help in the movement through shame

This is a really deep episode in which Victoria leads you, the listener, through the dance with, around and through one of the most powerful influences within the whole of human experience. As ever, she shares deeply and personally about her relationship with, and current work on, her own shame.

Victoria also discusses – for the first time – her concept of shame in leadership, and her energetic movement into a leadership role which honors flaws and weaknesses without needing to feel ashamed of them just because she is in a position of leadership.

This is a truly deep and powerful episode, with a lot of wisdom and incredible insights shared from the Unveil Team.

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