When we launched our flagship program, The Unveil Academy Coach Training Curriculum, this time last year – we had no idea what was going to happen.

In just one year, our Founder and Principal was offered a unique position leading the medical program at a large facility in Austin, Texas – and it very much looked like Unveil was going to be absorbed by this company and our educational capacity was going to scale rapidly.

Juggling the development of a whole new medical program, delivering 11 months of content to our students and conducting weekly Q&A sessions – Victoria was attempting the almost impossible.

Then things changed with the future potential and it became very obvious that Unveil belonged apart – its own brand, identity and integrity. The education created by Victoria and our team is unparalleled and, as relations soured with the company to whom Unveil was contracted, it became very clear to us what was needed.

Victoria parted ways with that company and threw her energy and attention back into Unveil. She launched The Aletheia Group properly – and wrote a blog about the new business here, releasing a podcast discussing the events of the last 9 months which you can listen to here.

And, after a year of being unable to focus on the development of new courses, we are BACK – with big plans.

DUE TO UNPRECEDENTED DEMAND – we are going to be relaunching THIS Academic Year: beginning training our 11-month curriculum on September 21, 2023.

Early bird registration closes August 16, 2023.

Payment is available in full or via installments.

Registrations by August 1st, 2023 have access to Summer School – an immersive Venus Sequence Gene Keys workshop & Q&A with Victoria herself!

We are also launching our self-study, personal development and shorter coaching courses during the ’23-’24 academic year.

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