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Coaching, Healing and Healthcare Education to Empower a Family of Professionals to Provide Holistic Wellbeing Services

The Unveil Academy was designed and developed to help to transform the coaching and personal development industry. Born out of a personal healing journey, frustrations with the fragmented services offered in the realms of coaching, personal development, healthcare and wellbeing – and the recognition that there had to be a better way to support human healing and evolution – The Unveil Academy exists to provide truly holistic training and education for coaches, practitioners and other professionals.

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Victoria Fenton
Victoria Fenton
Academy Principal, Curriculum Creator and CEO of Unveil Enterprises

Our Unveil Academy Principal, Victoria Fenton, has been in the world of healing arts for over 20 years, immersing herself in studying various disciplines from the age of 16. She has been in the vanguard of Functional and Performance Medicine since 2014.

Victoria herself recovered from serious medical conditions which almost took her life on numerous occasions, and it was her journey of healing that led her to study the fundamentals of human health and wellbeing.

Victoria pursued 7 years of education in Human Design, working closely with the founder, Ra Uru Hu, and was part of the creation of the Gene Keys alongside Richard Rudd. She has explored a host of coaching and psychotherapeutic modalities with leaders in the field, and trained in Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Naturopathy and Longevity Medicine with some of healthcare’s most forward-thinking doctors and scientists.

Victoria ran a successful clinic on Harley Street in London, UK for over 7 years, working in the fields of chronic illness and health optimization, supporting business leaders, entrepreneurs and also members of the Royal family. She then moved to Africa, where she wrote her memoir and created The Unveil Coach Training Academy, before relocating to Austin, Texas.

Victoria has always approached her work through the lens of the nervous system and is now deepening her work in the field of somatics. She has a reputation for achieving miraculous results with clients that others could not help. This is because her approach is simple, powerful and comprehensive: supporting the functioning and healing of whole human system to facilitate root cause resolution for complex, chronic illness.

Establishing The Unveil Academy is part of Victoria’s ultimate vision: training exceptional, multi-skilled, trauma-informed coaches and healing professionals who are able to support the evolution and transformation of others.


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