1. Eligibility

We do not have eligibility criteria for our Courses – though anyone who registers for our Coach Training Certification will have an onboarding call with Faculty.

All of our Personal Development Courses are suitable for everyone.

Our Coach Training and professional courses are suitable for most people – whether a complete beginner, or more experienced but wishing to advance your skillset. Many of our professional courses are also suitable for anyone who simply wants to learn more about the human condition, psyche, healing, using Human Design in your work and world, understanding how physiology affects mindset and emotions – and more.

2. Faculty Calls

All of those who register for a Certification Track on our Coach Training Certification Course will receive an onboarding Faculty call.

We are here to ensure that you get on the right course, on the right track, for you. You can use our Contact Form to ask us questions and those who register for our Certification Course, or who are interested in doing so, are welcome to schedule a call with our Faculty.

3. Success

We are committed to student success – but that starts with your felt sense of safety…

That means that if anything at all about the application process is stressful or challenging to you, that’s OK. You are more than welcome to send us your enquiries and questions, and/or schedule a call with Faculty prior to registering for our year-long Coach Training Certification.


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