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A Year Into Delivering Quality Coaching Education


When we launched our flagship program, The Unveil Academy Coach Training Curriculum, this time last year - we had no idea what was going to happen. In just one year, our Founder and Principal was offered a unique position leading the medical program at a large facility in Austin, Texas - and it very much looked like Unveil was going to be absorbed by this company and our educational capacity was going to scale rapidly. Juggling the development of a whole new medical program, delivering 11 months of content to our students and conducting weekly Q&A sessions - Victoria was [...]

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The Launch of The Unveil Academy


Big things are coming... As we move into 2022, and the Unveil team progress full steam ahead, our plans have changed slightly. We have decided that NOW is the time to launch The Unveil Academy. More importantly, that now is the time to announce - and promote - our Coach Training Certification. This is the most bold of undertakings yet from the Unveil team - with our CEO and Principal designing an 11-month long curriculum, which will contain 40 Modules of content / teaching, in 9 different pillars of coach disciplines. There will also be 40+ sessions of interaction, [...]

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Coach Training Certification: next course begins Sept 21, 2023.

All other courses are self-study and available now.

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UPDATES, NEWS & IMPORTANT INFO… ahh, it’s been a little while since I’ve done a “Hello” post. For good reason. Many of you will know that leaving my last business partnership was a huge ordeal, and highly complex. For those that don’t - no matter…because today’s post is not about the past.
We’re BACK!! @theunveilpodcast Season 3 - and we’re starting with an extra special episode with @fractaldoors - Head of Creative Projects @genekeys 😍 Links in bio and available NOW wherever you get your podcasts 🎙️🤩
Sometimes, finding our value and purpose depends on the recognition of others. Those that choose us. Those that want us.
The Aletheia Group (@thealetheiagroup) is a hub of healing professionals who specialize in truly holistic, holographic transformation.
The Unveil Academy (@theunveilacademy) exists to educate coaches and healing professionals in the art of having a nervous system foundation to support human transformation. We provide educational courses - from our flagship holistic coach training, to self-paced professional development courses - that aim to improve the way humans support other humans.
Unveil Human Design & Gene Keys Readings are where @victorialfenton gets to play in the sandbox of self-awareness. Using the frameworks influenced by the 64 gates of the ancient Chines I Ching, archetypal mysticism and the dynamic interplay of astrological assessments with modern science, Victoria is one of the world’s experts in Human Design and has lived with both this system, and the Gene Keys transmission, for the majority of her life.

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