Human Design for Coaches, from Unveil

Drawn from our flagship Unveil Coach Training Certification, this course provides an insight into using Human Design in your coaching practice, functional medicine clinic etc.

Taking 4 key lessons of training, this course will empower you to understand your clients in terms of Human Design Type, Profile, Decision Making Strategy and Authority. This will enable you to ask better questions, give homework that suits your clients’ needs – and also to interact with your clients as yourself, using YOUR Type as a superpower in your coaching and client sessions.

Successful graduates will be able to advance to full Certification at any stage should they wish to.

At The Unveil Academy, we pride ourselves on the quality not just of our education but of the experience of being alongside us and within one of our student cohorts. Our Student Coach Training promises:

  • Equal Opportunity Access – each module is delivered via a video training. As this is jargon-heavy, there are no transcripts – though separate audio downloads are available. There are no prerequisite qualifications required

  • Core Foundations of Human Design – we guarantee that on completion of the course you have a real grasp of how to use Human Design in your Coaching work (or other professional service offering)

  • Certification and Accreditation – on successful completion of this course, and submission of the required final Module homework, you will be an accredited Unveil Human Design-Informed Professional

  • Trauma Informed Containers – everything we do at The Unveil Academy is human-centered and considers the whole human. We teach that, but we also model it in all of the work we do within our training containers – and this extends to our digital offerings and self-study courses such as this one

  • Become Part of A Community – those who are part of any Unveil Academy course are eligible to join our Unveil Community, including private cohorts set up for fellow students, where applicable

The Human Design for Coaches Curriculum

We begin by exploring the basics – what is Human Design, where does it come from, what use and purpose does it have and how can you use it as a coach.
We walk through a full training in understanding all 4 Types, all major Authorities and Decision Making Strategies and how to use this as a coach – both for yourself and with your clients.
We dig into the Not-Self Strategies of all 9 Centers, empowering you to understand the areas of attention, focus and ‘weakness’ that your client may be experiencing – with tips on how to see clients keynoting their own Not-Self Strategies, and how to move them towards greater trust and surrender in the midst of understanding their Design.
Our final Module walks through Profiles – so the Roles that your clients are here to play – and how to utilize all of the information gained thus far to support your coaching practice and work with clients, and (of course) your own personal journey.

The Unveil Academy Human Design Training FAQs

Here are just a few key questions answered. This section will grow over time as we get more questions about the course and curriculum.

This course is not designed to offer personal coaching to students and there are no individual 1:1 sessions included. There is no live session time, and no direct contact with faculty, as part of this course.
You will have access to The Unveil Community forum, and at times Faculty and existing Unveil Coaches will be present there. No 1:1 coach time or Faculty time is guaranteed as part of this course.
You will NOT be a qualified Unveil Coach on completion of this course. Nor will you be a certified Human Design Reader or Gene Keys Guide. You will receive accreditation as a Human Design-Informed Coach from Unveil – and we will provide you with Alumni listing on our website (subject to a $19 monthly fee) and an accreditation badge to use on your own resources and website.
At Unveil we are highly specific about the language – and distinction – of trauma awareness, being trauma informed and being trauma trained. ONLY those who have trauma training can work directly on the resolution of trauma imprinting in the body. This course is not a trauma training. We do NOT teach about the nervous system and trauma in this Human Design Training. You will not be accredited as trauma-informed.
You can go on to complete any other Unveil Course – including the standalone Pillars of Human Physiology and Student Coach Training. Acquisition of additional standalone training does not accredit you as a full Unveil Coach. However, on completion of this training you are eligible to receive discounted access to the full Certification Course at Unveil (Coach or Master Coach Track).


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