The Unveil Academy’s Student Coach Training

Drawn from our flagship Unveil Coach Training Certification, this course provides a taste of what it is like to be – and think like – a Coach.

Taking 4 Core Pillars of our Unveil course, this training provides students with a self-study course which they can pursue in their own time that will give them the groundwork of understanding how coaching works, and the goal of coaching, the nervous system, trauma, relational dynamics and a brief primer in somatics.

Importantly, however, the foundation of all trainings at The Unveil Academy is a profound respect for the humanness of all experience. The teachings are modeled on trauma-aware coaching principles that respect the tender nature of what it means to learn about the human condition and encouraging healing in others.

That is what The Unveil Academy models, extols and is here to teach. Beginning as a Student Coach, you will have an insight into what it means to be a coach – and an Unveil Coach.

Successful graduates will be able to advance to full Certification at any stage should they wish to.

At The Unveil Academy, we pride ourselves on the quality not just of our education but of the experience of being alongside us and within one of our student cohorts. Our Student Coach Training promises:

  • Equal Opportunity Access – each module will be delivered in a multi-media way, and your assignments can also be completed via audio, writing or video. Our content is virtual, accessible globally. There are no prerequisite qualifications required

  • Core Foundations of Coaching – we guarantee that on completion of the course you have a real grasp of what coaching is, and a taste of essential coaching techniques

  • Certification Access – Student Coaches can access Certification Routes for our full flagship Coach Training course after completion of the course, and subject to passing an entrance examination attesting to the completion of the core Pillars of training

  • Trauma Informed Containers – everything we do at The Unveil Academy is human-centered and considers the whole human. We teach that, but we also model it in all of the work we do within our training containers – and this extends to our digital offerings and self-study courses such as this one

  • Become Part of A Community – those who are part of any Unveil Academy course are eligible to join our Unveil Community, including private cohorts set up for fellow students, where applicable

The Student Coach Training Curriculum

We begin with what is essential to know about coaching: what’s the goal, what are you working with, how to open and close sessions, hold a container, know your role and remit, identify and keep within your scope of practice. We will also go over the groundwork of what makes Unveil different: what we will be teaching you in terms of supporting what we call ‘the whole human’. And we will share with you the essentials of what it means to be a good coach, and a caring, compassionate human.
As we move into deeper content, Pillar 2 discusses the foundation of human suffering – trauma – and its imprints and legacies. We will walk you through the science of the nervous system, educating you in the various ways trauma influences human beings – from the perspective of the body, mind, emotions and energy. We will discuss attachment styles, numbing and the seeking that occurs when needs aren’t met (as a child, and an adult) and support you to identify trauma’s symptoms. And we will offer support your needs during these Modules: knowing that many people who want to become coaches have their own need for resolution around traumatic pasts.
One of the most important Pillars of our training, we offer insight into the neuroscience of trauma – and tools and techniques that support somatic exercises, tracking the nervous system and how to weave these modalities into your personal life.
The final Pillar will weave some connective tissue between techniques and working as a coach – all designed to support you to make a decision as to whether you wish to take this work further. You will learn a little about Parts, a little about CBT and NLP, a little about Inner Child, Empty Chair and Gestalt work. And to conclude, we’ll discuss the next steps as a Student Coach.

The Unveil Academy Coach Training FAQs

Here are just a few key questions answered. This section will grow over time as we get more questions about the course and curriculum.

This course is not designed to offer personal coaching to students and there are no individual 1:1 sessions included. There is no live session time, and no direct contact with faculty, as part of this course.
You will have access to The Unveil Community forum, and at times Faculty and existing Unveil Coaches will be present there. No 1:1 coach time or Faculty time is guaranteed as part of this course.
You will NOT be a qualified Unveil Coach on completion of this course. However, you will receive the FULL fee for the Student training as a discount from the Coach or Master Coach Certification Course should you wish to continue your training and become an accredited Unveil Coach.
At Unveil we are highly specific about the language – and distinction – of trauma awareness, being trauma informed and being trauma trained. ONLY those who have trauma training can work directly on the resolution of trauma imprinting in the body. This course is not a trauma training. The understanding of the nervous system and trauma in the Student course will teach you to be trauma aware, and a highly adept nervous system tracker. You will be trauma informed as a human – but you will not be accredited as a trauma-informed coach.
You can go on to complete any other Unveil Course – including the standalone Pillars of Human Design and Human Physiology. Acquisition of additional standalone training does not accredit you as a full Unveil Coach. However, on completion of this training you are eligible to receive discounted access to the full Certification Course at Unveil (Coach or Master Coach Track).


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