Unveil Podcast Episode 34: Self-Sabotage: the Reasons we Stop Ourselves from Getting What We Truly Want

The theme for today’s episode is all about why we prevent ourselves from doing what we know we “should” do – or perhaps even really want to do.

We discuss:

  • The advantageous ‘reasons’ for self-sabotage
  • The intricate ways in which we convince ourselves of the justification for our sabotage
  • Different ways in which we can sabotage ourselves – and some of them you may not even realize were sabotage
  • Why we never see our sabotage until we need to deal with it – and how that can often take years
  • The underlying survival mechanisms at play within all of this
  • People pleasing and illness being a survival strategy of self-sabotage

This is perhaps one of the most varied Unveil Podcast episodes ever! Victoria and Brace share their personal sabotage stories and it leads them into a wide-ranging discussion about the discipline of acting (and why Improv is an allegory for life), and so much more.

A fun episode, with some important updates at the start from the Unveil crew.

Mentioned in today’s podcast: Unveil Workshop – 16-17 July 2022 (replays available!)

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