Unveil Podcast Episode 37: Healing Addictions: WITHOUT the 12 Steps

Join Victoria and Brace this episode as they unpack addiction, in all its forms. They talk about:

  • What could be classified as an addiction, and whether the distinction of an addiction versus normal behavior should be more ‘grey’
  • The purpose of an addiction and the reasons addictions exist
  • The first step in moving through an addiction
  • The way the coaching container develops as addictions are addressed
  • How the complexities of addiction mean that you are ultimately dealing with initial ‘causes’ and multifaceted consequences – but how that really doesn’t mean that healing from addiction requires unpacking and apologizing for every consequence
  • The brilliance, and potential harm, within the 12 step process
  • The shame of addiction and how to work with that
  • The falseness of the statement “you are never healed”
  • The problem with the labels of addiction, sobriety and ‘Recovered’ addict

This is such a deep and explorative episode. Victoria takes the reigns as she describes her work with addicts and those with serious dependencies on substances. She walks you through her different approach which takes a trauma-informed lens when it comes to addiction: and the process of being more with oneself, and more with each single individual moment – which argues against the necessity of a cold turkey approach to overcoming substance dependence.

A hugely revelatory episode, we hope that this brings you some insights, awareness and different ways to think about addictions, addicts and your own addictive tendencies.

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