Amardeep Gill


  Unveil Curriculum Student - '22-'23 Cohort Students who studied along with our full cohort and completed all of the lessons and Q&A attained certification as a Curriculum Only student and were validated as competent in the theory behind all disciplines taught.

Amardeep Gill2023-09-16T11:04:53-05:00

Alex Charles


Unveil Certified Coach – ’22-’23 Cohort Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist Find Alex at alexcharles.uk Location of Services: Montpellier, southern France with full virtual services available globally via Zoom

Alex Charles2023-09-16T11:04:30-05:00

Coralie Ayme-Roses


Unveil Brand Ambassador and Unveil Certified Master Coach - '22-'23 Cohort Somatic Experiencing™ Student - currently at Intermediate level Find Coralie at coralieaymerosescoaching.com Location of Services: Paris Trauma Institute 82 Avenue Niel 75017 Paris France (opening November 1st, 2023) with full virtual services available globally via Zoom.

Coralie Ayme-Roses2023-09-11T09:45:52-05:00

Brace Harris


  Based in Los Angeles. Sessions available virtually. Unveil Certified Master Coach - '22-'23 Cohort Elementum Certified Master Coach - 2021 Cohort braceharriscoaching.com Email: braceharriscoaching@gmail.com  

Brace Harris2023-09-16T10:50:49-05:00


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