Heavily Meditated Podcast: Unveiling the Power of Holistic Transformation with Victoria Fenton

Victoria is a Functional and Performance Medicine Consultant, Human Design and Gene Keys expert and Transformational Master Coach.

She has been in the world of personal development and healthcare for almost 20 years, training with some of the worlds’ most exceptional doctors and greatest spiritual teachers.

Today, Victoria bridges the worlds of science and spirituality, offering truly holistic support for individuals to heal from suffering. Victoria also trains holistic coaches as part of her professional mission to create empowered, self-aware, multi-skilled healers who can aid in the resolution of suffering for others.

“I want to end human suffering. It’s always been my mission and I believe that a lot of what Im building now is that. And for me, maximizing my potential isn’t a grand vision, it’s a one person at a time thing.”


In this episode:

Victoria shares her story of living with illness and learning to heal (4:50)

We talk about how our stories and journeys of healing are incredibly similar and how so many others share stories similar to ours (8:00)

Learn how you can avoid the pitfalls and can instead learn from those who have gone through it all before you (9:30)

Victoria and I have an honest conversation about the differences between holistic and conventional medicine (12:10)

We discuss the duality of our minds and the best ways to understand and respect our brain and body connection (16:00)

Listen and learn the importance of learning holistic healing and meditation techniques that are custom tailored for you (19:30)

We talk about how to use the construct of your human vehicle to its highest potential (25:00)

Learn to peel back the layers and uncover your particular best method for relearning and repatterining your mental chemistry and circuitry ( 27:45)

Being HUMAN is what heals and connects us to the beauty of the human experience (32:30)

We discuss the way to bridge the gap between therapy and coaching (38:00)

Learn what the Unveil Academy is and how you can benefit from becoming a part of it (40:00)

We talk about interesting experiences we’ve had during deep meditative states and how they transformed our relationships with ourselves (49:45)

Listen as Victoria shares what it means to her to maximize your human potential (57:35)

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