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Empowering Professionals to Deliver Holistic Transformation

Inspired By Holistic Human Wellbeing

At The Unveil Academy, our mission is to support education in the foundations of the human condition, psyche, emotional realm and physiology – empowering a family of practitioners and professionals to deliver coaching, healing and healthcare in a way that truly supports holistic wellbeing, and transformation.


The foundation of all trainings at The Unveil Academy is a profound respect for the humanness of all experience. In choosing The Unveil Academy, you are selecting an institution which encourages you to find your intuition, your unique way of utilizing what you learn, and your irrefutable personal style of healing and supporting others.

Moreover, everything we do at The Unveil Academy is trauma informed and conscious of the delicate nature of stepping into the healing and supportive arts. All of our courses, training, spaces, online deliveries – in fact, everything we do – is designed intentionally, and with deliberate attention to inclusivity, and the wellbeing of our students, faculty and guest trainers.


The Unveil Academy is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, research and leadership. Our Principal has almost two decade’s experience across all realms of the wellbeing space, and our faculty and students are all hand-selected and extensively supported throughout their time within the Unveil family.

  • World Expert Education – our faculty are unique in their qualifications

  • Global Reach – our work is virtual and accessible across the world

  • Multi-Media Delivery and Assessment – we respect the learning styles of our students and both teach and assess in a multi-media way


The Unveil Academy mission is to create a worldwide network of professionals who recognize the holistic nature of the human experience, and are equipped to support healing, evolution and transformation in an integrated, multi-disciplinary way. We are also committed to changing the landscape of coaching and personal development, creating regulation and standards of practice which extol absolute honor and integrity, respect for the uniqueness of individuals and the essential need for collaboration in the delivery of frameworks which facilitate wellbeing, healing and transformation.

Everything we do is founded on the essential principles of the operating system of the human experience: the nervous system. All of our teachings appreciate the evolution of each individuals’ nervous system and the influences throughout life which alter how we are within our bodies, emotions, mind, spirit – and relationship to the world around us. We know that the only way to support human wellbeing is to consider everything that influences the nervous system – from the past, to projections into the future, all to allow for human beings to return to holism and safety within the present moment. This knowledge – and both the scientific and mystical underpinnings which attest to these truths about human existence – are the foundational infrastructure of every course delivered through The Unveil Academy.

The Unveil Academy has a core value of humility. We are collaborative, and attentive to the continuing exploration of science when it comes to the human experience and wellbeing. This means we are in the forefront of discussions and debate around physiology and health optimization, psychology and psychotherapeutic modalities, the realm of somatics, the landscape of psychedelics and the study of nervous system adaptation, therapy and attenuation. Our commitment is that our curriculum is subject to change as the science dictates. All students who come through our courses will have access to updated education as and when required by advances in knowledge on the subjects about which we teach.

The Unveil Academy promises to create safe spaces for education and evolution. Our founding principle is that everyone deserves the right to learn about themselves as they learn about a topic that interests them. We know that the best healers and practitioners are those with experience of that which they aim to support in the other. As such, our trainings are not about stretching anyone beyond their capacity or overloading their systems with memories of existing educational frameworks. On the contrary, The Unveil Academy has been designed with the precise intention to allow for nervous system safety to be the bedrock of the experience of our education. We believe that it is only from there that we can truly empower our students to go on to become the best professionals they desire to be.

The founding values at The Unveil Academy are those of our parent company, Unveil Enterprises, LLC. These are:

  • Service
  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Honoring of Individuality

Our founders and faculty are dedicated to continuing to deepen their expressions in all of the above areas, without exception. They are committed to continually coming back to the table to ensure that everything we do and continue to develop at The Unveil Academy is imbued with the essence of our core values and never strays from the essence of love which is at the heart of what we offer: love for the humaneness of the other and desire to end the suffering experienced by our fellow humankind.

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Our completely free online community offers a space for education, coaching and conversation about everything it means to be human.

Our completely free online community offers a space for education, coaching and conversation about everything it means to be human.




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