Unveil Podcast Episode 48: Total Self Mastery and the Evolution of a Nervous System in the Military – with retired Navy SEAL, Rob DuBois

On this week’s Unveil Podcast, Victoria Fenton chats to Rob DuBois.

Rob DuBois is a multilingual retired U.S. Navy SEAL, intelligence professional, and career Red Team security leader. He has worked in more than 30 countries over more than 30 years.

From 1996 to 2006, Rob served as a special reconnaissance SEAL at SDV Team ONE and as a Red Team operator based in Washington, DC. He has trained foreign forces in a dozen nations and has planned mock terrorist attacks against American interests worldwide.

On 9/11 Rob was teaching Arab commandos at a remote Persian Gulf base. American and Arab SEALs together watched the Towers collapse, and both nations went to war against al Qaeda.

Such complex experiences led to his book on cross-cultural conflict, “Powerful Peace: A Navy SEAL’s Lessons on Peace from a Lifetime at War.” World-renowned peak performance expert Tony Robbins called Powerful Peace “A must-read for those who wish to influence others.”

Rob has spoken extensively on radio, on television, and in talks across the United States on “unchaining” human potential and leading diverse teams. He is the founder and lead “Impact Coach” of the whole-person development firm, Impact Actual.

During this conversation, Rob and Victoria discuss:

  • What led him to becoming a Navy SEAL, and what drove that passion even with a successful career in the NSA having been established
  • SEAL training, BUDS, Hell Week – and dispelling the myths of the ‘brutality’ and ‘inhumanity’ around this notorious training regimen
  • The psychological warfare of training to be a SEAL, including the enormous sacrifice made on behalf of those who are trained to “Red Team” – and what Red Teaming is
  • Rob’s personal journey of evolving from a childhood of trauma, into a career of hypervigilance, and now into a life where he channels appropriate vigilance into his security consulting work (as a Red Team professional himself), whilst also being in the continued work of modifying that vigilance to adapt back to civilian life
  • The losses and tragedies faced by Rob’s friends and brothers in the SEAL teams – and the weight of the reality of survivor’s remorse and hindsight about decision making
  • The training of decision making in the military, and the necessity of the methods utilized at BUDS

This is a powerful, moving, deeply impactful conversation – as you would expect from someone who spearheads a Total Human Mastery approach at his company, Impact Actual.

Discover Impact Actual here.

Purchase Rob’s book here.

Listen to Rob’s Beyond Your Limits Podcast (soon to feature Victoria herself) here.

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