Big things are coming…

As we move into 2022, and the Unveil team progress full steam ahead, our plans have changed slightly. We have decided that NOW is the time to launch The Unveil Academy. More importantly, that now is the time to announce – and promote – our Coach Training Certification.

This is the most bold of undertakings yet from the Unveil team – with our CEO and Principal designing an 11-month long curriculum, which will contain 40 Modules of content / teaching, in 9 different pillars of coach disciplines. There will also be 40+ sessions of interaction, Q&A and exploration along with opportunities for coaching hour completion and the accreditation of becoming an Unveil Certified Coach or Master Coach.

This is an opportunity not to be missed – ESPECIALLY in year one.

Founding Member Rates & Experiences

During the first year, Victoria herself will be very involved not just in teaching but in mentoring the students personally. This will be the only year that that will be the case – and it’s a rare opportunity to learn from a leader in this industry, and someone with over two decades of experience in healing modalities.

Importantly, our inaugural year will offer Founding Member rates and experience. You will be our first cohort – and you are welcomed into the Unveil fold with so much joy that we want to do things that are special and supportive. So the course itself will be under $15,000 for a full year of education. More than this, Founding Members will be the first people eligible to become part of the Unveil Faculty next year. And they will be the first, preferentially listed, coaches on the Aletheia Network, the affiliated group of coaches that are trained by Unveil.

This is a one-time only opportunity. No future years will be the same. If you are interested – apply to attend now.

And if you are at all unsure or questioning – experiencing the Unveil Weekend Workshop will show you what the full training is going to feel like. Anyone who attends the workshop and decides then that they want to pursue the full course will be eligible to attend our Summer School – two sessions with Victoria herself in August where she will introduce you to the Gene Keys (something not fully discussed during the coach training itself but it will absolutely be beneficial for your career as a coach).

Funding is available for you if you would like to complete this training (US-only) – meaning that you could be a fully qualified coach, working in the industry and earning your salary from changing people’s lives, before you’ve even paid for the training.

If you’ve ever wanted to work in a way that truly supports the human condition – now is your chance. Apply today and we cannot wait to start the course in September!

(Registrations close September 9th 2022).

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