Unveil Podcast Episode 33: Spiritual Bypassing and the Myth of “Meant to Be”

Today’s Unveil Podcast episode is a real insight into the way we, as humans, try to rationalize away our sensations/impulses and move on from painful experiences – when the truth is that sham acceptance simply prolongs the painful nature of the memory.

Inspired by a recent quadcast between podcast legends @lukestorey @cal.callahan @joshtrentofficial and @doctormitozen – this episode tackles the very final elements of what was an epic and brilliant podcast about all sorts of things. Without wanting to criticize their statements at all, @victorialfenton felt there was more nuance to add to their conclusions about everything being meant to be, and there being a perfection to all things in the universe, including evil.

To be clear, as we state in this podcast, we do genuinely believe that for those having that discussion, this was their reality – and a really grounded place that they have found themselves within. Our podcast just adds color and breadth to those conclusions in order to honor something that is essential BEFORE we can arrive at those places of peace within the struggle: process.

This is a hugely varied discussion, yet again – and Victoria covers some of our unique integrative modalities as she explains:

  • When things have to be resolved in the soma, emotions or psyche
  • When things literally cannot be resolved in the inner realms and physiological interventions are required
  • The trauma-response inherent in escaping the present moment experience in an attempt to get to “it was all meant to be”
  • How to be within the present, lived experience without bypassing – and why it’s necessary

And so, so much more… a great episode which also includes all of the Academy updates, Founding Member pricing, funding options and a tonne more. Tune in, let us know what you think, and also go back and listen to the Quadcast from The Life Stylist Podcast: https://overcast.fm/+GuOmi80BM (we use Overcast, but look for the May 6th episode in any of your favorite players).

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