Unveil Podcast Episode 38: Mastering the Business of You – with James Williams

On today’s Unveil Podcast, Victoria Fenton is joined by fellow Brit and now fellow local Austinite, James Williams. James is a High Performance Coach – and we get into what that truly means during the interview.

James is, alongside his wife Emily, currently leading the Mastermind which our founder is a part of – and during this episode you will hear how James delivers immense service to those with whom he works.

We also get into James’s history. In 2015 James was on the tail end of a 12 year career that wasn’t bringing out the best in him, so he chose to make a change and go against the grain of what he was taught was possible. He left his old life to join his wife, Emily, in her online business, whilst training as a coach and studying. In 2016, a year to the day he left his old career, he was certified as a High Performance Coach through the Institute of High Performance.

Today, his strengths are in designing and communicating personal recipes for mental, emotional and physical growth. He is passionate about focusing on creating outer world impact through inner world mastery – and during this episode you will get a glimpse into James’s personal philosophy around the world of High Performance, and how that isn’t just about strategies and tactics, or adding the next best hack or gadget. Instead, it is all about two things: the present moment, and the business of you.

Enjoy today’s episode – and you can find James in a couple of places across the interwebs.

First, his personal coaching work can be found at The Growth Edge.

Secondly, he works with a lot of the programs run by Emily Williams over at I Heart My Life.

Follow James on Instagram, or hunt him down on LinkedIn – he’s @jamesrswilliams

And stay tuned to James’s socials over the coming months – as he hints at during this episode, there’s some exciting things on the horizon for him!

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