Unveil Podcast Episode 41: How to Sign Your Perfect Clients EVERY time

Today’s Unveil Podcast Episode is a solocast from our very own Victoria Fenton.

Victoria walks you through the transitions at Unveil and Aletheia – explaining what’s behind our recent moves and changes, and discussing where we’re going now.

Victoria uses this explanation to tie to the main topic of today’s episode: How to Sign Your Perfect Client – EVERY time.

This episode is inspired by the content Victoria is creating for our students at The Unveil Academy. This is the “business” side of coaching that people don’t necessarily think about – they just follow the latest marketing ‘advice’ and wonder why their clients don’t stay, and even create problems.

Victoria discusses:

– The danger of “saying yes to opportunity”

-The magic of discernment

-The power of sovereignty but without looking at the bottom line, looking at what’s best for YOU (the professional)

-Changing the agenda of discovery calls to actually be about discovery, not about selling

-High pressure tactics vs. aligned discussions

-What an Avatar should really be – and how you can identify yours

-The nature of abundance and how a “no” to someone aligned doesn’t mean anything other than a “no” to the wrong thing for you

-Returning agency to YOU as the professional

-Scope of practice and building a network

-Spotting red flags – can you? What are they? What should you notice?

-Having difficult conversations

-Touching on everyone’s trauma

-Creating safe exits if things do go awry

Victoria reveals the mistakes she’s made in professional practice – both in Functional Medicine and coaching – and shows you how you can, no matter your industry, empower yourself to create more aligned partnerships and successful relationships.

Mentioned in today’s episode:

The Unveil Academy Founding Member Cohort is still open for registration: unveilacademy.com/launch for details, or unveilacademy.com/admissions to get your spot today

Trauma + Somatics with Will Rezin and Aurianna Joy – we cannot mention this enough as the BEST training to equip you with increased abilities to support yourself to create correct relationships and have difficult conversations where needed

The Aletheia Clinic – check out our services now!

Victoria’s Human Design services now all hang out at unveilhumandesign.com

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