Unveil Podcast Episode 42: The Art of Turning Towards Being With More of Oneself – with Aurianna Joy

Aurianna Joy joins Victoria Fenton for this week’s Episode of The Unveil Podcast. 

Aurianna is a somatic leadership coach, embodiment mentor, herbalist, doula, and trauma resolution educator who guides individuals on the delicate path of cultivating aliveness and living a life free from trauma. Using her 15 years of personal inner work and spiritual growth combined with 10 years of professional experience in the healing arts, she weaves an intricate web of healing and remembering for those in devotion to their path of Becoming.

This discussion is a beautiful exploration of the healing arts, and humanning practices. Aurianna shares:

  • The work she does with former Unveil Podcast guest, Will Rezin, in Trauma and Somatics
  • The nature of Somatics and what it means to be a Somatic-Oriented Practitioner
  • The usefulness of trauma training for all human beings, not just coaching professionals
  • Aurianna’s journey towards Somatics – including incredible personal challenges and physical difficulties, a long period of immersion in the Amazonian Shaman culture around Ayahuasca and other plant medicines
  • The role and potential dangers of the way modern culture is discussing and consuming psychedelics, especially those of indigenous origin
  • Aurianna’s current relationship with plant medicines
  • The recent pandemic and what it is calling us to deepen our relationship to
  • The nature of – and how to deal with – grief
  • Turning towards big emotions, being with ourselves in times of uncomfortableness and remaining within the body to experience all of what is

Aurianna offers so many beautiful workshops, ceremonies and intimate containers for experiencing her magic. To discover more, please follow her Instagram at @auriannajoy or head to her website at auriannajoy.com

Trauma and Somatics training can be found @traumaandsomatics on Instagram, or at traumaandsomatics.com – with Will Rezin, Aurianna’s business partner, @willrezin – and go back to Episode 39 for his interview.

More than this, resources mentioned in today’s episode were:

The Death Wives and Death Doula Training: https://deathwives.org 

When The Body Says No by Gabor Mate

Francis Wehler on grief: An Apprenticeship of Sorrow

Stephen Jenkinson – books on Amazon

Peter Levine – books on Amazon

Somatic Experiencing Institute

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