Unveil Podcast Episode 43: How to Develop Emotional Resilience and Coherence

Another solo episode from Victoria this week as she walks you through her model for what she calls “emotional hygiene” – the practice of becoming clear on one’s emotional landscape prior to interacting with others.

Victoria walks you through:

  • Why emotional regulation isn’t always desired
  • How Non-Violent Communication can go very wrong if regulation isn’t present
  • Her analogy and model around creating emotional hygiene – including a practical how-to on establishing emotional clarity, developing an emotional sorting process and a decision-making pattern of what to take from that forward into conversation
  • The complexity of navigating emotional clarity and how to allow yourself the time and space to do this
  • Having whole conversations with people – and why we don’t
  • Attachment styles and how that changes the way we show up in intimate conversations, and why we often don’t have whole conversations or emotionally regulate effectively
  • How to change your behavior if emotional regulation and coherence is something that you find challenging

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