Unveil Podcast Episode 45: Creating a Successful, Thriving Family, with Cole Berschback of Total Potential

This week’s Unveil Podcast sees Victoria Fenton sit down with Cole Berschback.

Cole is co-founder of Total Potential, an author, Unbeatable Mind Coach, Registered Dietitian, and certified yoga instructor. She is the mom of three incredible kids and married to her favorite human. She has spent the past 20 years working in health and wellness. 

Several formative events led to a deep passion for families and all that is possible when we approach the family as an opportunity, not an obstacle. She supports group and 1:1 coaching to help individuals experience the best of themselves with the people they love most.

This episode dives into all of this – discussing Cole’s history and what led her into creating Total Potential with her brother, Jake. She shares:

  • The inspiration for Total Potential, the families they serve and the kinds of resources available
  • The “families are hard and provide obstacles” perspective and how to turn that on its head
  • How to create nourishing and supportive, connected families
  • Cole’s own family dynamic and the challenges and gifts provided by each of her unique children
  • Supporting a child who is highly sensitive and the learning curve she has been through to expand and allow for more emotionality
  • How to help a child who is a “fussy eater”, and how to think about food differently to aid them in increasing the diversity of their intake
  • How to reward children in a way that is completely supportive (clue: NOT with food!)

This is a wide ranging conversation during which – as you’ll hear – Victoria’s own perspective on children, families and her future shifts somewhat.

We apologize that this podcast is audio-only, and not our usual quality. We had technical issues and have done the best we can to salvage this conversation as it was such good value, and Cole delivered so many nuggets of wisdom. Please enjoy – and check out Cole in the following places:

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