Unveil Podcast Episode 51: Creativity, Curiosity & the Power of Play for Awareness, Transformation & Healing – with Kate Appleton

Kate Appleton, LPC, SEP, TEB has worked as a Special Ed Teacher, Community Counselor, Creative Coach, & Family Consultant. Kate is a contributing author to the recent Guidelines written for combining SE and SSP in clinical practice. Her work is informed by somatic-based approaches to healing that address the intersection of early developmental movement patterns and attachment, sensory integration theory with specific use of “sound” frequency modalities, traumatology, the use of creative expressive arts, and the archetypal exploration of the narrative. 
As a psychotherapist, she integrates models such as Somatic Experiencing®, Embodied Recovery, Transforming Touch®, and Safe Sound Protocol, and IFS parts work.
During today’s episode we dig into some of this, and we really explore the creativity Kate brings to her work with clients.
We discuss:
  • Attachment work in trauma and bonding
  • Making the formless (i.e. feelings and sensation) formed – and dancing between the veil of the formless and the formed
  • Creativity as a tool for healing – for both children and adults
  • The blending of modalities to support sustainable transformation
  • Sand tray work and how this can be used throughout therapeutic containers to support the awareness of what lies within us – and help us to see ways to transform
  • Finding oneself and the reality of the evolution journeys we are all on – personally and professionally
  • The retreat work and practitioner-specific work that Kate does with clients
This is one of the most mystical, and yet simultaneously most practical episodes of The Unveil Podcast we have ever released.
In just over an hour, Kate walks us all the way into the land of spirit consciousness and the energy of plants and stones – and then right back into actionable exercises you can do, today, both alone and with loved ones, to find clarity around and support repair in your attachment and relating styles.
Yes, really! 
This is a powerful episode – please take a listen and let us know what you think! 
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