Unveil Podcast Episode 55: The Real Solution to Healing Humanity – and What Maté, Levine, Porges, and those focusing on trauma, get wrong – with Stuart Sovatsky

This week, The Unveil Podcast welcomes Stuart Sovatsky.

Stuart was first to bring yoga to incarcerated youth & the homeless mentally-ill in the mid-1970s, director of the first spiritual emergence service, the Kundalini Clinic and his Admiration Therapy was certified by the Russian Government. A founding-consultant for the award-winning  GreencityLofts, he was co-convenor of a 40-country World Spirituality Conference in India, consultant to the Johns-Hopkins Psilocybin Study, chantmaster with San Francisco band, Axis Mundi and co-president of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology. He is author of Advanced Spiritual Intimacy and Words From The Soul.

This conversations explores Stuart’s history, whilst also examining his perspective on what is essential for the future of humanity. Victoria and Stuart cover:

  • What authentic tantra offers as a chemical, emotional and consciousness experience – and how that has the potential to transform intimacy as we know it
  • The implications of a transformation of intimacy – everything from ending child abuse to preventing the need for abortion, through to conscious conception and the prevention of trauma through the embodied presence of the parents
  • How short the modern world falls when it comes to its understanding of kundalini, tantra and all ancient traditions
  • The chemistry of tantra and how this ties to the modern scientific research now being conducted into chemicals
  • Exactly how Stuart prevented a mass shooter from enacting their plan, and supported those in the deepest of pain to emerge from their suffering – by NOT focusing on the trauma or past, but by encouraging and endorsing the miracle of their humanness
  • What leaders in the field (Gabor Maté, Peter Levine, Stephen Porges) are missing when it comes to resolving the problem of trauma
  • How to speak from the potential of human perspective, not human pain

This is a broad, immersive and expansive conversation where Victoria’s mind and understanding is tested and stretched – as you will hear.

If you enjoyed this conversation, you can find Stuart online at stuartsovatsky.com

You can find Stuart’s books (including his new book, recently released) on Amazon by searching for Stuart’s name.

And if you would like to connect to further the conversation, reach out to The Unveil Podcast at podcast@unveilenterprises.com

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