Unveil Podcast Episode 58: Natural Learning Relationships and Supporting Ultimate Wellbeing in Children and Families – with Ba and Josette Luvmour

A truly insightful and wonderful episode of The Unveil Podcast today sees Victoria Fenton interview the powerhouse couple that is Josette and Ba Luvmour.
This episode is a deep teaching about the Luvmour’s wisdom and model: Natural Learning Relationships.
Josette and Ba Luvmour are educators who started several holistic education schools, a holistic learning center for families and children, and many whole-family immersion programs (in both California and Oregon). They each are Faculty at Antioch University, in the Individualized Master of Arts (IMA) program in the School of Education (SOE).
Together, Josette and Ba co-created and developed Natural Learning Relationships, a holistic understanding of child development that supports optimal well-being in children and families. Natural Learning Relationships was the basis and philosophical foundation of the schools, learning center, and programs they founded as well as in their published work of six print books, five eBooks, and magazine and journal articles. They produced and hosted the popular podcast series, Meetings with Remarkable Educators.
Teachers of children and parents, they are also teachers of other teachers (undergrad and graduate master’s students), many of whom went on to start their own schools in the USA and Canada using Natural Learning Relationships child development and holistic approaches in their teaching practice. They founded two non-profit organizations dedicated to awakening the greatness in humanity.
Josette and Ba live, work, and play together in Portland, Oregon in an extended family with their grandchildren and son-in-law. They are continually inspired by all those who learn with children and grow together to access greater self-knowledge, well-being, and ultimately wisdom.
Listen to this episode as Victoria learns all about:
  • Natural Learning Relationships
  • Fields of wisdom
  • The precise nourishment and receptivity for each age stage
  • How to be with children in different fields of wisdom
  • How being with children as they naturally evolve in a way that supports your own evolution – as an adult
  • How families can do this work together to repattern their relationships
This is an amazingly instructive episode, with Josette and Ba teaching Victoria about the specifics of their models. You will hear Victoria’s fascination build as the episode continues.
All of the resources you need to find more about the Luvmour’s work are below:
Natural Learning Relationships holistic human development: https://luvmourconsulting.com/natural-learning-relationships
Books on Amazon:
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