A live, 2-day virtual workshop:
Heal Your Nervous System, Change Your Life – Discover the Science of TRUE Holistic Transformation

Let us show you how the nervous system is the bedrock of your reality – and how to leverage tools of transformation which will optimize your life in all areas:

Health, Self and Wealth

And if you’re a coach, or you’d like to be, we’ll show you the tools you need to change your clients’ lives… for good.

We’d love to show you the unique Unveil magic – so do JOIN US!

Discover the Keys to Sustainable Transformation

The Unveil approach to change, growth and healing is holistic, multi-faceted and deeply transformative.

In this unique workshop we will be revealing the secrets, tools – and precise design – of truly up-leveling your life: health, wealth and self.

For just $197 you will get 2 full days of live teaching and interactive exercises with Master Coaches Brace and Victoria, the Unveil co-founders and faculty.

Workshop Overview

What the Weekend Will Include…

Identify the patterns holding you back.

We all have strategies, behaviors and habitual thoughts that we think are “us” but are actually the very things in the way of success. We will support you to identify and release YOUR unhelpful patterns.

Discover who you were born to be.

Human Design and Gene Keys guidance will help you to know exactly where you were designed to have strengths in this life – and how to play to, and utilize, them to make better decisions, maximize your energy and increase everyday vitality.

Overcome anxiety and doubt.

We will lean into the uncomfortable and discuss the real mental loops which keep us small – like anxiety and doubt. This weekend will show you where those voices come from and how to work with – and release – the power they have over your progress.

Discover, or deepen your relationship with, your true passion and purpose in life.

Tapping into true identity helps us to understand not just where we want to go – but how to get there. This weekend will support your journey to your fulfilment by tuning you into YOUR purpose and mission – allowing you to deepen your work within it as you move forward in your life.

Learn nutrition, lifestyle and exercise hacks to optimize every element of life.

Traditional diet/lifestyle guidance can be overwhelming. During our self-care session, we will teach you what to prioritize when it comes to nutrition, sleep, exercise and energy management – helping you to make better decisions for your body, mind, emotional wellbeing and soul expression.

Unlock your ultimate potential and receive practical help to support success.

We will reveal the precise Unveil roadmap of supporting the nervous system to liberate your ultimate expression. Tying every element of human self-care together, we will show you how to not just have a weekend of self-belief – but a lifetime. And we’ll give you the tools you need for ongoing success.

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Just $197 for 2 full days live with our elite Master Coaches

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Workshop PLUS power session to maximize and personalize your learning and growth.

Session Overview

Day 1, Session 1: Welcome and an Introduction to Unveil

In our opening session we will walk you through the flow of the weekend so you know what to expect, and start to explore some of the key concepts that we base our work on. We will answer any opening questions and begin the weekend in a way that will encourage your participation and learning.

Day 1, Sessions 2 & 3: The Integrated, Complex Human

We will explore the science of the nervous system and the integrated nature of human existence. We’ll introduce you to the concepts of stress and trauma, and how they influence the body – and Victoria will demonstrate practical ways to identify and get to know the state of your own nervous system. After a break for lunch, we’ll get into physical health – nutrition, exercise, sleep and more – helping you design a personalized route to transformation (or to learn how to do this for your clients).

Day 1, Session 4: Somatic Awareness and Exploration

We conclude Day 1 with Brace Harris leading an exploration of the territory of the soma – i.e. the whole human being, including the sensations from your body. We will encourage movement and self-enquiry as we delve into the landscape of sensation, emotion, memory and both the awareness and regulation of your system state.

Day 2, Session 1: A Human Design Extravaganza

We open Day 2 with Victoria taking the lead again and showing you the simple power of Human Design. Without any unnecessary complexity, Victoria will show you how to understand the essence of your chart – and those of your clients – to support and shift the way you move through the world. Victoria will demonstrate how she uses Human Design in her life, and work with clients.

Day 2, Sessions 2 & 3: Q&A and Live Coaching

In the middle two sessions of Day Two we are going to get really interactive. We are going to open the floor to Q&A, and also provide the opportunity to receive some personal support from our Master Coaches. We will also demonstrate practical exercises that are healing or therapeutic and explore more somatic awareness in the context of everything we have discussed during the weekend.

Day 2, Session 4: How to Take This Into Your Own Life

The final session of this workshop will show you how to move forward with your life – with deeper awareness, compassion, self-love and, ultimately, with tools to ensure your success. We will show you how we integrate what we have taught you to provide health, prosperity and ultimate flourishing – we’ll answer outstanding questions that you might have after the weekend.

Get your ticket to ultimate transformation…

Want to be part of this, first ever, Unveil Weekend Workshop? You are able to purchase tickets now for the Workshop, and for the Workshop PLUS you can also purchase a Power Session – 20 minutes with one of our Master Coaches in the weeks following the event – an opportunity not to be missed!