The Unveil Academy’s Coach Training Certification Course

The Unveil Coach Training Certification is the cornerstone of The Unveil Academy. Over the course of one year, our coaches will be trained in coaching disciplines, the art of seeing and hearing what is beneath their clients’ words, the integration of physiological principles and an understanding of various self- awareness and spiritual disciplines.

We created this course because it is how we work with our clients – dovetailing and interweaving various methods that, alone, are powerful – but when united, and used appropriately, can offer the most powerful, and sustainable, healing journeys for those with whom we work.

We can offer this training because our principal has spent almost two decades traversing the worlds of personal development, spirituality, coaching, psychology and physiology. Understanding how to leverage each discipline comes with practice – but it can also be taught, and that is what our coach training aims to do.

Importantly, however, the foundation of all trainings at The Unveil Academy is a profound respect for the humanness of all experience. Spending time with The Unveil Academy is to be encouraged to find your intuition, your unique way of utilizing what you learn, and your irrefutable personal style when it comes to coaching.

This course will run from September- July each year. Taking 11 months to complete, it is founded on 9 Pillars of teaching and 40 Modules in total.

The training will be entirely virtual, and offered worldwide, initially in English – though over time will be translated into various languages to support a more integrated, global approach.

The teachings are modeled on trauma- aware coaching principles that respect the tender nature of what it means to learn about the human condition and encouraging healing in others. Our goal at The Unveil Academy is to train our coaches to become centered, resourced human beings who can, from there, offer support to others.

The training itself is offered by our faculty: all expert coaches in their own right. We believe that the most effective coaches are those that not only know how to use their tools, but who have a deep connection to the nature of healing for themselves. Our trainings encourage vulnerability and openness, and our containers are created to be safe, nurturing spaces which honor that learning to be a healer isn’t just about curriculum or techniques: it is about learning how to be within oneself and one’s own human experience first such that there is capacity for you to hold the process of another.

That is what The Unveil Academy models, extols and is here to teach.

At The Unveil Academy, we pride ourselves on the quality not just of our education but of the experience of being alongside us and within one of our student cohorts. Our Integrated Coach Training Certification promises:

  • Equal Opportunity Access – each module will be delivered in a multi-media way, and your assignments can also be completed via audio, writing or video. Our content is virtual, accessible globally. There are no prerequisite qualifications required though if you have any questions about whether you will keep up, book a call with our Faculty members prior to purchasing/application.

  • Core Foundations of Coaching – we guarantee that on completion of the full course you will not just have awareness of coaching techniques, but how to structure a coaching container, identify a niche/avatar (and whether you really need to), the principles of business and your scope of practice

  • Certification Routes – we will be providing certificates of completion to those who complete the full academic year with us. Download our full Curriculum Brochure, or read the “Certification” section on this page for more details

  • Trauma Informed Containers – everything we do at The Unveil Academy is human-centered and considers the whole human. We teach that, but we also model it in all of the work we do within our training containers

  • Become Part of Our Family – those who complete our certification routes will become part of The Aletheia Network, and eligible to work within The Unveil Academy, on our faculty, or within The Aletheia Group (all positions by application)

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The Integrated Coach Training Certification Complete Curriculum

There are several routes through our training – covered in more depth in both the “Certification Routes” and “Standalone Pillars” sections in other tabs on this page. Below, we share with you our full course curriculum – covered in 9 Pillars, with 40 Modules in total during the 11 month course.

We begin with what is essential to know about coaching: what’s the goal, what are you working with, how to open and close sessions, hold a container, know your role and remit, identify and keep within your scope of practice. We will also go over the groundwork of what makes Unveil different: what we will be teaching you in terms of supporting what we call ‘the whole human’. And we will share with you the essentials of what it means to be a good coach, and a caring, compassionate human.
As we move into deeper content, Pillar 2 discusses the foundation of human suffering – trauma – and its imprints and legacies. We will walk you through the science of the nervous system, educating you in the various ways trauma influences human beings – from the perspective of the body, mind, emotions and energy. We will discuss attachment styles, numbing and the seeking that occurs when needs aren’t met (as a child, and an adult) and support you to identify trauma’s symptoms. And we will offer support your needs during these Modules: knowing that many people who want to become coaches have their own need for resolution around traumatic pasts.
Here we will share with you how to understand physical illnesses, and to work with physical compromises in such a way that allows you, as a coach, to consider the physicality of conditions and its impact on the emotional, mental and energetic realm. We will show you how to support your clients with their nutrition, exercise and sleep. More importantly, we will show you how to utilize your clients’ behavior around physiological self-care and symptoms to work on a much deeper level with their psyche, emotions and energy system. This promises to be one of the signature Unveil modules, showing you how to integrate the tenets of Functional and Performance Medicine into your coaching practice.
This Pillar will entail 6 weeks of Modules exploring the core processes around inner child work, forgiveness and the key element of shame, which has a profound influence on the manifestation of issues. We will walk you through theory and practical exercises around Gestalt techniques, Internal Family Systems, forgiveness visualizations – and we will bring this back to trauma and support you to understand, as a coach and facilitator, how to navigate the patterns that your clients hold and release some of the origins of behaviors which keep them stuck as adults. These 2 months will contain lots of in-person practical demonstrations and opportunities to practice your own skills.
After the deep inner work of Pillar 4 – we move to the mind. We will show you how to leverage the best tools from the realms of mindset practices. More importantly, this Pillar will demonstrate the how, when and why of choosing mindset techniques, inner child or more ‘subconscious’ techniques, or to purely utilize energy, visualizations etc. We will support you to understand how to identify the characteristics within your clients which call for each technique – and we will even show you how to construct a single session which plays between somatic, subconscious processing, socialization and ‘surface’ chat – all of which supports the deep integration of your clients’ healing work.
One of the most important Pillars of our training, covered over 6 weeks – at the center of our course we will move into the realms of trauma once more. This time we will explore the neuroscience of trauma – and working with those who have experienced trauma. We will talk again about scope of practice and the remit you will be able to work within on completion of this course. Moreover, we will support you with somatic exercises, train you in a deeper understanding – and tracking of – the nervous system. We will show you how to support somatic awareness and processing within your clients and how to weave these modalities into your personal life FIRST, and then into your awareness in your practice with clients.
The only training of its kind in the world, Pillar 7 of our year-long training will show you how to read and understand the basics of Human Design – type, strategy, authority, profile, not-self strategies and center mechanics – such that you can utilize this with you clients. You will be able to work according to your Design, treat your clients according to theirs, and even share some details with your clients to empower their evolution. And with Gene Keys, we will show you how to track wound triggers and patterns – demonstrating a way for you to identify specifics of triggering with your clients, increasing their knowledge of themselves and how they close down when under duress.
Here, we spend two months tying everything together, showing you how to dance with the information, techniques and awarenesses you now have. We will show you how to assess your clients’ dominant ways of learning and being coached, and we will support you to know how to notice when things aren’t working, how to pivot and maneuver your approach to ensure that your client is maximally held and supported. We will discuss further about the nature of a coaching practice, and allow immense amounts of time for Q&A, live coaching opportunities, coaching observation from the faculty and more. Mostly, we show you how to allow this to be easy – and to build on and trust in your intuition as a coach.
We conclude with a Pillar on building a coaching business and the many routes to success in this industry. We show you what’s out there to support you, and let you ask us all the questions you have on what it’s like to choose a niche, find your ideal clients, build a business and become the professional you aspire to be. Importantly, we bring you right back to the basics of what you have learned in the preceding year and we show you how far you have come, how you have transformed yourself in the process – and we champion your work as you move forward into your professional career.

Several Pillars are available as Standalone Courses, and combining several of the Pillars will accredit you as an Unveil Student Coach. For more details on these tracks, select either the “Certification Routes” or “Standalone Modules” tabs on this page, or download the Curriculum Brochure by clicking below.

Download Curriculum Brochure and Course Overview

The Schedule of Commitments

What does it look like to train with Unveil? We will have 2 calls per training week over 11 months, on Monday and Thursday. Each year, we will poll our incoming students so that we identify the best timezones for the majority and schedule calls accordingly. All calls will be recorded (with the exception of breakout session segments) and will be available for you to watch at a time that suits you. The first class for the 2022-23 cohort will be on 19 September.

Each call will be 90 minutes, up to 2 hours. Monday calls will be reserved for training, which will take the shape of recorded video content. Most Training calls will be pre-recorded and simply “released” at a specific time, though occasionally these will be live taught classes – and we will let you know which these are going to be ahead of time. All video content will have separate audio AND written transcripts available, to support however you learn best. Any time not taken up with training content during the Monday session will contain further discussions on the topic and space for Q&A.

Thursday sessions are dedicated to Q&A and practice – in the form of breakout sessions with small handfuls of students. These sessions will not be watched or recorded – but you will have the support of your peers to improve your skillset and there will be time for discussion in the Main Room. As the course progresses the format of Thursday calls will shift to allow for more live coaching (faculty coaching the students, students coaching faculty and fellow students etc.).

Coaching Hours, Homework and Community Spaces

To qualify on ANY of the tracks (outlined in the “Certification Routes” section) you must attend or watch each Training Module and you must also complete all homework (though homework will not be onerous – it is to check our teaching as much as your understanding! And it will not be due each week). You will be able to submit your homework in a way that suits you: written documents, audio recordings / voice-notes, videos. This is equal opportunity training and we want your experience to suit the way you think and the way you enjoy learning. If there’s a method we haven’t thought of – let us know! As long as our team can work it in, we’ll work with you to support your learning.

We will have a group space for sharing. This will NOT be on Facebook. Your participation there will be voluntary, though encouraged. Faculty will be present in this group, though not actively participating unless required. We will also make the space for more engagement with faculty during the year. One of our faculty members will always be on hand throughout should you require additional support.

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The Unveil Academy Integrated Coach Certification Routes

Accreditation in the coaching industry is extremely well-regulated, almost over-zealously so. Any course which deals with the nature of trauma isn’t officially recognized by certain bodies. Any course within its first year is not eligible for accreditation. Whilst The Unveil Academy may seek formal accreditation in the future, ultimately, at Unveil, we are doing something entirely new, and we are aiming to have sufficient standing in the coaching community that our Certifications speak for themselves.

Each student that completes the course will receive a digital certificate, and an Unveil accreditation badge that can be used on professional materials. For those who would like a printed certificate we can also provide these on completion of all elements of your desired track (only available for Master Coaches or Certified Coaches, not Student Coaches or those who have completed Standalone Pillars).

The routes to become a Certified Unveil Coach are outlined below:

Certifying as an Unveil Master Coach makes you eligible to become part of The Unveil Academy faculty in subsequent years. You will also be able to apply to work for The Alethia Group, and be listed on The Aletheia Network coaches registry. Qualifying as an Unveil Master Coach requires attending all classes, or watching replays, and completing and attaining a good standard in all homework. You will also need to complete 200 hours of coaching during your training year, and anytime up until December 31st of your graduating year. All Thursday sessions attended live will account for 90 minutes of coaching time. At least one of your coaching hours per week MUST be an exchange session with a fellow Unveil student, and these must be recorded and submitted for periodic review from our faculty, who will provide feedback on a minimum of 1 session per quarter. You will be required to rotate your coaching exchange partner every 8 weeks. And don’t worry, we’ll help you keep on top of all of this! We want you to succeed.
A Certified Unveil Coach follows similar requirements to becoming a Master Coach, but you will only be required to do 100 hours of coaching over the duration of the course. The majority of these hours must be conducted with your fellow students, and our faculty will review a 2 sessions in the final half of the training. These hours can also be completed anytime up until December 31st of your graduation year, though we strongly encourage they are completed during your training. Unveil Coaches will be listed on The Aletheia Network, but won’t automatically qualify for Unveil Academy faculty slots, or to work for The Aletheia Group. That said, should you wish to become a Certified Unveil Master Coach at any stage in the future, there will be a pathway to do that which can be discussed at a later date with our team. We would recommend this track for anyone who is unsure about the time commitment of completing 200 hours during the year, or isn’t certain they want to work under the Unveil or Aletheia banners going forwards. You will still get the same access to the Unveil faculty and team throughout your training and the support to alter your graduation track at any stage should you wish to do so.
If you would like to study the Unveil Curriculum but have no desire to do additional coaching hours and exchanges during the course – this track is for you. You will have access to all Modules as they are released, as well as the Thursday interactive sessions with your fellow students. You will NOT be required to complete homework to a satisfactory standard – but you will be more than welcome to. You will be able to ask questions and have access to the Unveil faculty and team throughout your training and the support to alter your graduation track at any stage should you wish to do so (additional fees will apply). This route is perfect if you are interested in learning about the human condition, complex systems healthcare and integrative wellbeing – but don’t necessarily want to go on to a career in the industry.
Completion of the Core Pillars 1, 2, 4 and 8 will qualify you as an Unveil Student Coach. This is a total of 6 months of training – and in the first year will be delivered shortly after it is delivered to the main cohort of students. This will mean that the training is spread over the course of the year and be somewhat piecemeal, though if you want to do this track as part of our first cohort we will make space and allowances for that – and the price will be significantly lower than it will be in future years. You will be required to complete all homework, but you will ONLY have access to the recorded Monday trainings, not the group sessions. You will not be required to complete any additional coaching hours, and will have lower access to the faculty than the main student cohort. We would recommend this track for anyone who wants to deepen their awareness of what coaching is, and dip their toe in the water without committing to a career in this industry just yet.
The Unveil Academy is the only institute in the world training in some of our specialisms, so we have decided to make the training recordings for several standalone modules available for independent purchase. This means that you will gain a certificate to utilize that skillset within your existing scope of practice. This will be valuable for established coaches and those who are interested in having a few more tools and foundations with which to work. As with the above, in the first year these Modules will only be available at the time of the general release in the course. See the Standalone Pillars Page for which of our Pillars are available to study separately and when they will be available during 2022- 2023.

If you are interested in joining our first cohort and completing any one of these tracks – check out our admissions page today.

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Three Standalone Pillar Certifications

As mentioned, The Unveil Academy’s Coach Training Certification is unique in many ways – including that we are allowing several of our Pillars to be completed outside of the year-long container. You will have access to all training recordings, though not to group sessions, for each of these Standalone Pillars. You will be required to complete all homework, though not any additional coaching hours. Completion of a Standalone Pillar will award you an Unveil Award badge to display on your professional materials.

Completing our 4-Module Human Design and Gene Keys course will empower you to utilize the foundations of these systems within your existing coaching practice. You will be certified by The Unveil Academy to have sufficient awareness of how to use both Human Design principles and Gene Keys sequences to support your existing scope of practice.
Completing our 4-Module Human Physiology course will equip you with the knowledge required to enhance the way you support your clients by ensuring that your awareness of biochemistry, hormones, gut health and the physiology of the nervous system allows you to correctly identify nutrition, sleep and exercise improvements – and, importantly, when additional physiological support would be helpful to those you work with.
Completion of the Core Coaching Pillars 1, 2, 4 and 8, consisting of 6 months of training delivered in November 2022, March 2023 and July 2023 will qualify you as an Unveil Student Coach. These will be delivered throughout the course of the year as the main student cohort complete these Pillars. As this will be piecemeal in nature, the first year of this training will be considerably cheaper than future years.

If you would like further details for any of these Standalone Pillars, this is available on the Admissions page.

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The Unveil Academy Coach Training FAQs

Here are just a few key questions answered. This section will grow over time as we get more questions about the course and curriculum.

This course is not designed to offer personal coaching to students and there are no individual 1:1 sessions included. That said, things may come up for students during their studies and the faculty are there to support with that, either through live coaching on one of the group sessions, or with reduced-price 1:1 sessions with our faculty members as needed. We also have a network of coaches, all of whom are available to take on Unveil Academy students as personal clients should you require further support.
The faculty will be available throughout, though not immediately accessible. Our support team will be the first port of call for all enquiries – and our faculty will be involved from there. Our faculty will be present in the community social group, though not active participants where not required. Obviously if you have specific feedback or questions, we are open to that. You will be provided with all of the contact details you require upon course registration and as the training gets underway.
The goal of this training is to support you to become an aware, multi-skilled professional who is able to support holistically, and with an awareness of the wider variety of human experience which may affect your clients. This will empower you to be a hugely skilled life coach, transformational coach and Master Coach (if you complete that track). That said, those who complete this course will not be qualified to work as healthcare workers, Human Design readers, Gene Keys guides or trauma specialists.
At Unveil we are highly specific about the language – and distinction – of trauma awareness, being trauma informed and being trauma trained. ONLY those who have trauma training can work directly on the resolution of trauma imprinting in the body. This course is not a trauma training. Those who are trauma informed can support with the resolution of symptoms of trauma that can occur as a response to trauma. This course will support your understanding here, but will not qualify you to be fully trauma informed. This course will train you to be trauma aware. You will have a deeper understanding of trauma and the science around trauma imprinting. You will be able to spot symptoms of trauma in your clients, and support them with greater regulation and resourcing. And, whilst you will not be shown explicitly how to create a trauma-informed container for clients, as that is a unique discipline, you will have a trauma-informed container modeled to you throughout the course itself. Moreover, we have trauma trainings to which we can refer you on completion of this course such that you can deepen your understanding should you wish to work more directly around and on trauma itself.
Everyone who graduates from the full course will be listed on The Aletheia Network site, with links to your professional profile. You will be eligible to apply for future-advertised roles as Unveil Academy faculty and/or to work as a coach or professional within The Aletheia Group. Faculty and Aletheia Group positions will be awarded based on applications and interviews, and your level of participation within the course itself will not be taken into account (i.e. preferential treatment will not be given to those who are more or less active in the community groups and/or on the calls. Additionally, if any vulnerabilities or struggles come up for you during your year of study, this will not factor into future interviews and the awarding of positions).
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